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Mail Check Fraud on the Rise

We have noticed a trend of increasing incidents of mail check fraud in our area in recent weeks. Mail check fraud occurs when a fraudster steals a check directly from your mailbox or the blue U.S. Post Office boxes and alters the amount on the check and/or the payee information on the check.

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Avoiding Charity Scams

Every year, we hear about new scams involving faux fundraising for things like veterans, disaster relief, and other charitable causes. Scammers know how a sad story about someone rebuilding after a hurricane or someone coming home after serving our country can turn off the skeptical parts of our brains and get us to open our hearts and wallets to them. Charity scammers are especially active during the holidays since it's the biggest giving season of the year.

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Be Aware of Bank Jugging

On November 18th around 11 AM, a bank jugging occurred at the ShopRite on Freemansburg Avenue in Bethlehem. The female victim, who had just left the Bank of America on Butztown Road and headed to the ShopRite, was followed by a Dodge minivan that had been parked next to the victim's vehicle at the bank, watching as the victim withdrew a sum of cash and put the envelope in her vehicle's glove box. Once at ShopRite, the person in the Dodge minivan waited for the victim to enter the store before exiting their minivan, smashing the victim's front passenger side window, and stole the envelope.

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Today's Common Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

Each year older adults lose billions of dollars to financial exploitation. Defined as the illegal or improper use of an older person’s funds, property or assets, elder financial exploitation (EFE) is a devastating crime. It not only impacts an elder’s financial situation, but often takes an emotional toll as well. Victims of such abuse frequently experience intense feelings of fear, depression, anger, and humiliation. In turn, abused elders may be at risk of poorer health outcomes and increased mortality relative to their counterparts.

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