Security News

Protecting your privacy is important to us and our employees. Stay informed on Security News taking place and resources to use.

Read our Privacy Policy and Security Statement to learn how we protect your account information for additional information please contact, Ann Bavaria, BSA Officer, (610) 395-8834.

As a general business practice, we would not ask for sensitive personal information by unsolicited email. If you have any questions or concerns about any unsolicited email that you receive, please call us at (610) 395-8834 or email us.

Avoiding IRS Phone Scams

We have received a few calls recently from our customers reporting encounters with individuals impersonating IRS officials over the telephone. This is a very common tactic for scammers to try and steal your personal information and we want to take this opportunity to advise our customers how they can avoid getting scammed the next time they pick up the phone.

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Watch Out For Schemes Tied to Economic Impact Payments

The Internal Revenue Service is urging taxpayers to be on the lookout for a surge of calls and email phishing attempts about the Coronavirus or COVID-19. These contacts can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft.

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Beware of Gift Card Scams

We've all been on the receiving end of gift cards for the holidays. After all, they are a convenient present for when you're not sure what to get your friend or relative, but still need to get a gift for them. Unfortunately, what should be something harmless can often be used by scammers as a way to defraud people out of their money.

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Wawa Notifies Customers of Data Security Incident

Wawa is notifying potentially impacted individuals about a data security incident that affected customer payment card information used at potentially all Wawa locations during a specific timeframe. Based on the investigation to date, the information is limited to payment card information, including debit and credit card numbers, expiration dates and cardholder names, but does not include PIN numbers or CVV2 numbers.

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