Security News

Protecting your privacy is important to us and our employees. Stay informed on Security News taking place and resources to use.

Read our Privacy Policy and Security Statement to learn how we protect your account information. For additional information please contact Andrea Harris, BSA / Security Officer, at (610) 421-4001.

As a general business practice, we would not ask for sensitive personal information by unsolicited email. If you have any questions or concerns about any unsolicited email that you receive, please call us at (610) 395-8834 or email us.

For more security news, every month Andrea Harris and Brad Borene from our security department host a livestream on Facebook discussing various security and finance topics. You can find recordings of these livestreams on our Helpful Hints playlist on the New Tripoli Bank YouTube channel.

Beware of Account Takeover

Account takeover is an attack in which cybercriminals seize ownership of online accounts by using stolen passwords and usernames, then use these credentials to commit fraud. They purchase personal information via the dark web—information collected through social engineering or data breaches. This information provides the necessary credentials for a fraudster to pose as a consumer. With this information, scammers can trick a consumer's financial institution to make changes to their accounts or card settings. They may change phone numbers, emails, or passcodes, apply for increased limits, or change the account holder's PIN and/or travel exemptions to interfere with the institution's fraud-monitoring tools.

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Beware Imposter Phone Calls

We have recently received a number of calls from New Tripoli Bank customers who have been contacted by someone claiming to be from the bank and asking for personal information. These calls show up on the customer's phone with the caller ID saying they are from New Tripoli Bank, but the actual phone number of the caller is not one associated with the bank.

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Look Out for Tech Support Scams

We have received an increasing number of reports in recent weeks of customers falling victim to a type of scam known as a tech support scam. In this type of scam, the victim encounters a pop-up on their computer that looks like a normal notification you would receive from your system or antivirus software, often using logos from trusted companies or websites. The notification warns you about a security issue on your computer and instructs you to either call a phone number for help or to click a link to a spoofed tech support page.

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Mail Theft Continues to Affect Our Community

The wave of mail check fraud and mail theft continues to affect communities throughout Lehigh County. In a recent news release, PA state police asked for public assistance to identify a vehicle connected with multiple thefts from residential mailboxes.

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