Positive Pay

New Tripoli Bank offers an in-house solution to help your corporate clients prevent fraud.

The Positive Pay fraud reduction program is designed to reduce the likelihood that an unauthorized check or ACH payment will be paid against your business' deposit accounts.

Here's how it works: first, you submit electronic files to New Tripoli Bank that identify checks or ACH payments validly issued by your business. As items are presented for payment, we will match the incoming information against your list of issued items. The bank will electronically report to you any checks or ACH payments that do not match the list of validly issued items, enabling you to instruct New Tripoli Bank to return items that appear to be counterfeit, altered, or are otherwise not authorized by you.

This service is available only through our internet banking product, which requires the execution of separate documents.

For more information, please contact Sundra Sherwin at (610) 395-8834

Benefits of Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay

Set up filters and blocks to allow you to manage and pre-authorize debits posting to your account.

Automated Emails & Alerts

Receive notifications when exception items are present.

Payee Name Match

Validate payee names on checks against company records.

Fraud Prevention

Exception lists catch counterfeit, altered, or invalid items before any payment is processed.

Automatic Processing

Items that match your list are processed automatically, with no delay to payments.

Easy Payment Processing

Enjoy a one-stop solution for all of your banking and payment processing with New Tripoli Bank.

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