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Customer Testimonials

When you bank with New Tripoli Bank, you're more than just an account number. Each of our customers is an individual with their own financial goals and it's our job to help each of them achieve those goals. We accomplish this through personalized service and by getting to know our customers better.

But don't just take our word for it! See what our many personal and business customers have to say about their experience with New Tripoli Bank.


Click to hear Kyle's story

Kyle Pezoldt has worked at the Kuhnsville Car Wash since he was in high school. The car wash has served commuters in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley since 1988, specializing in exterior and interior vehicle cleaning. When it came time for the original owner to retire, Kyle, who was managing the business, was a logical choice to take over owning the business. This was his first time owning his own business and he needed expert guidance on financing a newly acquired business.

The Car Wash has long been a customer of New Tripoli Bank, so Kyle took the advice of his predecessor and sat down with Dave Sherwin, VP Commercial Lending, to discuss the details of a business loan that would allow him to take over the car wash while working within his finances. He now uses New Tripoli Bank for his business's deposits, relying on our coin counting services to handle the large amounts of cash his business deals with.


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Chad Balliet has always had a passion for biking, but he could never find the perfect bike shop that combined excellent service with a sense of community. That's why several years ago he decided to open up his own bike shop, South Mountain Cycle, in Emmaus, PA. Their shop caters to the hardcore cycling enthusiasts as well as the casual bike rider who maybe just wants a fun way to lose a few pounds, and everything in between.

When his business had the opportunity to purchase a building, Chad looked to New Tripoli Bank to help finance his business' expansion. Now he owns the 12,000 ft² space that houses both his bike shop and the attached café, which he hopes will serve as a meeting place for the local community to come and share in his passion for cycling.


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Thomas Jankowski had a vision for the future: he wanted to apply his love of engineering and computer science to provide cement plants with technology that would allow them to operate more efficiently while being more environmentally friendly. Since 1989, his company, Profi-Vision, has served as a general contractor for businesses around the world looking to modernize their plants, keep up with environmental regulations, and provide training for their engineers.

When Profi-Vision was looking to upgrade to a new headquarters in Fogelsville, PA, Thomas came to New Tripoli Bank. He laid out his business' goals and and New Tripoli Bank was able to offer several solutions that fit Profi-Vision's needs. Thomas was impressed with New Tripoli Bank taking extra interest in the specific needs of his business and appreciated the personalized touch he receives from the Bank compared to the larger banks he's worked with in the past.


Click to hear Mike's story

Mike Adams knows a thing or two about coffee. As an emergency first responder, he relied on coffee for those early mornings and late nights. He decided that firefighters, nurses, and police officers deserve a better cup of joe. That's why he founded Firehouse Coffee in Mertztown, PA, to provide properly roasted and flavored coffee for our first responders. Firehouse Coffee offers a wide selection of specialties blends for every palate and works with local businesses to create unique flavors you can't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a cup of brew on your way to work or need to restock your home supply of K Cups, Firehouse Coffee has you covered.

When Mike was having trouble securing financing to buy a roastery that his business relied on, he came to New Tripoli Bank. Bob Kern, VP Commercial Lending, helped Mike take control of his inventory and arrange the purchase of his own roaster so Firehouse Coffee could handle the roasting themselves. Now they're serving up smiles at their new location on Kutztown Road in Mertztown and Mike is looking forward to big things for the business' future. New Tripoli Bank will be right there with him making sure his business succeeds!


Click to hear Laurie's story

Laurie and Dan Wuchter did not have a traditional banking relationship. They had borrowed from various sources at above market rates to make repairs on the building that is home to the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market. New Tripoli Bank was able to consolidate the loans which gave them a much lower monthly payment and improved their cash flow, allowing them to focus on the farmers market and the businesses who lease space.

The Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market has been a mainstay of Allentown's West End for 70 years, featuring meat and produce from local farmers and businesses. Laurie and Dan Wuchter were initially business owners at the market when they met, later married and eventually became co-owners of the farmers market. The farmers market is open Thursday through Saturday every week and features over 50 vendors that include butchers, produce stands, prepared foods, arts and crafts stores, a barbershop, and more.


Click to hear Kevin's story

Barry Isett & Associates is a mainstay of our community. If you've driven around the Lehigh Valley, you've undoubtedly seen a project they were involved with. This employee-owned, multi-discipline engineering firm has deep roots in our region both in their business relationships and their commitment to giving back through community service, volunteering, and providing educational opportunities for future engineers.

When it was time for Barry Isett & Associates to finance their new headquarters, their CEO Kevin Campbell knew they wanted a bank who cared as much about the community as they did. New Tripoli Bank provided the firm with quick and flexible financing options while also representing the same commitment to supporting our region through community service and volunteering. We provided them with financing to purchase the property and later worked with them to fund the construction of their beautiful Allentown headquarters.


Click to hear Maria's story

Maria Ortiz didn't start in real estate, but when her family business began to take off and break into residential development, she swapped careers and joined her father Klever to help manage the development projects for Zitro & Roni Real Estate, the business they co-own together. Having worked on business properties in the Lehigh Valley, Zitro & Roni has expanded and is currently revitalizing several buildings in Hazelton, converting the unused real estate into affordable, high-quality apartments to meet the residential needs of the community.

Maria was worried about finding funding for these projects which were outside of her business' area, but New Tripoli Bank was happy to provide our longtime business customer with funding to help revitalize these buildings, even if it's not in our market. We believe in our customers' financial goals and are ready to provide them the tools they need to expand and succeed.


Click to hear the Millers' story

Jonathan and Andrew Miller grew up in the farming business. Their grandfather Chris Dornbierer started the business in 1976 after immigrating from Switzerland two decades earlier, and the brothers inherited the business when their father retired in 2021. Together the two provide our community with a wide selection of flowers, both annuals and perennials, as well as vegetables and a few shrubs. Their business operates throughout the year, offering seasonal flora to decorate our churches, businesses, and homes.

The Millers knew they wanted a banking partner that understands the needs of a small family-owned business, which is why they came to New Tripoli Bank. With farm work requiring them to operate outside of standard business hours, our ATMs, night deposit, and mobile banking tools are exactly what John and Andrew need to bank on their schedule. The bank was crucial in supporting Blue Mountain Farms when COVID hit, helping them to keep going while their biggest customers had to close in the spring.


Click to hear Jenae's story

Jenae Holtzhafer had a dream: to support foster families in the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding area. When her husband and her were licensing to be foster parents, they saw just how much support foster families needed and decided to provide that support by starting the Kindness Exchange out of their home, taking in donations and helping distribute necessities to foster children in our community. That soon grew into the Kindness Project, which provides access to essential items, free of charge, to children in foster care. Jenae wanted to make sure that foster kids were afforded the same opportunities as their peers by providing them with stylish new or like-new clothing and personal items to help their immediate needs and give them a good childhood.

New Tripoli Bank is proud to support nonprofits like the Kindness Project which seek to better our community. We regularly sponsor their events and our employees attend their annual Mini Golf fundraiser. Jenae is also our customer and relies on the convenience of our online and mobile banking tools to be able handle her money while keeping her busy schedule, rather than needing to visit a branch.


Click to hear the Fire Company's story

Fire Chief Gary Kuntz, Jr. and President Bill McQuilken, along with the rest of the brave volunteers at the New Tripoli Fire Company, are dedicated to protecting Lynn Township and the surrounding community, responding to emergencies as they arise. New Tripoli Bank has been a partner to the Fire Company since it was established in 1945, providing funding for the purchase of their first vehicles as well as the firehouse. The bank donates thousands of dollars each year to the Fire Company as our way of showing our support for the hard work they do. We've always appreciated our strong relationship with them.

When Bill took over as President of the Fire Company, the Bank was there to make sure the process of transitioning the Company's accounts to his name went smoothly. When the Fire Company was looking to expand their firehouse and modernize their equipment in 2018, the Bank provided the financing they needed to build their brand new extension and add an EMS unit to their operations.


Click to hear Sharon and Steph's story

When sisters Sharon and Steph first got the idea to open a bakery in the basement of Steph's house, they had no idea how successful their second career would be. The Buttered Crumb's brand of "old fashioned goodness" a hit with the local community and within two years the sisters were looking to expand their operation, which had grown too large for Steph's basement.

They approached New Tripoli Bank looking for a commercial mortgage to finance the opening of a retail location. The sisters found the perfect location right off Route 309 in New Tripoli, within spitting distance of our New Tripoli office! When they realized they needed a business loan for some additional equipment, New Tripoli Bank was there to make sure they had everything they needed to open their first retail location. Now Sharon and Steph are excited to embark on this next leg of their sweet business venture.


Click to hear Connie's story

Connie is the owner of Macungie's Posey Patch, a full service flower shop in Macungie, PA that designs and delivers flowers and arrangements to weddings, birthdays, funerals, and other special occasions around the Lehigh Valley.

When their business was struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Connie worked with Bob Kern, VP Commercial Lending, to secure both rounds of PPP Loans, which kept her business going in spite of events being shut down. We've worked with the Posey Patch on several occasions to help ensure Connie's business could succeed.


Click to hear Maria's story

Maria Medei is the President of Casilio Concrete, a family-owned concrete business established in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania back in 1938 by her grandfather, Frank Casilio. What started as a small concrete contracting business has expanded to include four batch plants, material hauling, and a fleet of more than 30 trucks. They also operate a concrete recycling plant, Crushcrete, run by Maria's son Tony.

Maria has been a longtime customer of New Tripoli Bank. When her business was looking to open a new plant in Nazareth, PA, Maria worked with Bob Kern, VP Commercial Lending, to secure the financing she needed to buy the property. In a business as costly and ever-changing as concrete construction, Maria needs the personal, hands-on approach of a community bank to respond to her business's needs in a timely fashion. On top of that, our online banking and remote deposit capture services make it easy for her to access her accounts and deposit checks from the comfort of her home or office.


Click to hear Jill's story

Jill is the owner of a small tax and financial services business in Allentown, PA that handles business taxes, tax planning, and more. She operates the business with her husband and two of her children, with additional locations in Palmerton and Easton.

When Jill's previous bank was planning another merger, she looked into what the combined banks were offering and didn't like what she saw. Instead, she shopped around for a community bank that could provide her small business with the personalized support and services her business required.

Jill selected New Tripoli Bank because we have all the services of larger banks with the added benefit of being a local community bank that could provide her small business with the attention it needs. She relies on New Tripoli Bank for both her business and personal financial needs.


Click to hear Kyra's story

When Kyra came to New Tripoli Bank, she was looking for a loan to buy out Wanamakers General Store, a locally-owned and operated general store that was built in the late 1800's, from her former business partner. Both Kyra and Wanamakers were customers of New Tripoli Bank, which made the process of securing a mortgage easy for this small business owner.

Kyra is the fifth owner of Wanamakers General Store, which prides itself in selling bulk foods, locally-sourced coffee and produce, includes a full deli that serves handmade sandwiches and salads, as well as selling toys, arts, crafts, and other items created locally. The philosophy of Wanamakers is to do everything locally, and New Tripoli Bank stood out to them as a local bank that could provide them with modern conveniences in a community bank.


Click to hear Sam's story

Smitty's Maintenance, Repair & Collision is a local automotive business in Palmer, Pennsylvania co-owned by Sam Wood and Bob Smith. They have been doing automotive repair and maintenance for over 40 years and have been customers of New Tripoli Bank for over 15 years. Their shop specializes in a full range of automotive needs, from maintenance and inspection to full repair and body work.

Sam and Bob came to New Tripoli Bank when they were looking to upgrade their equipment and expand into an additional building for their repair and collision business. They had previously received financing through a larger bank but found it was difficult to get the money they were looking for to expand. They worked closely with Dave Sherwin, our VP of Commercial Lending, to get them the financing they needed to achieve their business' needs. We continue to maintain a close relationship with Smitty's Maintenance, Repair & Collision, making sure that Sam and Bob can keep up with the ever-changing technology in their industry so their local business can thrive.


Click to hear Amir's story

A. A. Welding & General Contracting is a small company in Alburtis, PA that specializes in welding, concrete, and excavation. Amir has been a customer of New Tripoli Bank for several years now and relies on us for business and personal banking.

For this type of business, it was important to Amir to have both a flexible financial plan as well as a loan officer who knows the ins and outs of his small business and helps them plan for the unexpected. Amir has worked closely with John Hemak, VP and Commercial Loan Officer, to secure the funding he needs for the equipment and materials to expand his business.


Click to hear Jarrett's story

Raceseng is a father-and-son company from Alburtis, PA, that manufactures high-end car parts for Japanese and European sports cars. Founder and owner Jarrett Seng came to us 14 years ago with a simple request: he was looking for funding to purchase four new machines that would help Raceseng expand their backyard business into a larger company with increased production and more employees.

Where other banks were skeptical, New Tripoli Bank saw the passion and dedication Jarrett had toward pursuing his dream and we were happy to finance their equipment purchase. The additional machines helped reduce the hours required of Jarrett and his father in order to manufacture their products. They soon moved the business to a bigger location and hired more employees to expand their operation.


Click to hear Jeremy's story

Jeremy Rex has been a customer of New Tripoli Bank for his entire life. That's why he came to us for financing when he had the opportunity to purchase his family home, originally built by his great grandfather. The home had been in his family for three previous generations; it was where Jeremy spent his childhood and he wanted to provide his children with the same experience he had growing up.

Our lending team was more than happy to help Jeremy find the mortgage that was perfect for him and his family's budget. Now he lives with his wife, two kids, and their dog in the home he grew up in and one he hopes his kids can raise a family in as well.