Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and money with Remote Deposit Capture and deposit your checks electronically - anytime, anywhere, and without having to go to the bank.

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to access the service online to scan and electronically transmit your deposits from anywhere and at any time. With a Windows-based PC, a small scanner (which the bank will provide, free of charge) and a high-speed internet connection, your banking experience is as simple as one, two, three! Prepare your deposit, scan your checks, and transmit.

For additional information, please contact Sundra Bachman at (610) 298-8811.

Some benefits to your business include:

Save Money

Electronic deposit reduces costs associated with frequent trips to the bank.

Increase Productivity

Less time spent transporting deposits to the bank means enhanced productivity.

Streamlined Accounting

Electronic deposits make accounting for your business easier!

Improved Cash Flow

Funds are available sooner to help you grow your business more quickly.