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The Benefits of Banking Locally

April 10, 2023


If you’ve ever wondered if it matters where you deposit your hard-earned money, let me assure you it does.

We know there are more options for where to bank today than ever before. But consider this: community banks like New Tripoli Bank offer benefits to consumers that you can’t find at regional or national banks. Whether you’re looking for personal banking options or services for your business, here are some reasons why your best decision is to bank locally.

Personalized Attention

Do you feel like you’re just an account number in a sea of account numbers, or that you’re always having trouble getting someone to pay attention to you? You’re at the wrong bank.

Community bank employees dedicate more time to the customer. They can respond to your needs with personalized solutions that fit the situations you face because they face the same situations in their own lives. That’s why customers prefer local banks, where customer service truly matters.

Faster Decisions

At a community bank, you speak directly with the people who make the decisions, and we keep those decisions local. You won’t have to wait for your request to make its way through an internal bureaucracy only for someone you’ve never met to weigh in on your request. That’s not fair to you and often leads to bad, poorly informed decisions.

Fewer & Lower Fees

Did you know that large banks have reported making nearly $2 billion annually just through overdraft charges? Or that 75% of large banks don’t offer a checking account without fees? This is just one of the reasons why large bank customers end up feeling like they’re just another name on a ledger.

Community banks charge lower fees than national banks. The most common types of fees—overdrafts and nonsufficient funds fees—are 13-19% lower for small banks compared to large banks. We also don’t look to layer fees upon fees, and work with you to avoid these situations, giving you access to a host of tools to help you manage your money and avoid unnecessary fees. It’s not in either of our interests to charge fees for everything. Additionally, 44% of small banks have checking accounts without monthly maintenance fees—and New Tripoli Bank is one of them!

High Quality Service

Large banks would have you believe that they alone can offer the most convenience and the latest technology, but nothing could be further from the truth. Community banks offer the same services and products as our competitors and often without charging you extra for their use! New Tripoli Bank has world-class online and mobile banking options to improve our customers’ experience, with features such as account alerts, online account opening, automated bill payments, and more.

Ethics & Stability

If the last two decades have taught us anything, it’s that scandals strike larger banks with a fair amount of regularity. The same cannot be said for community banks, who are deeply rooted within the communities they serve and have a personal stake in the financial well-being of their customers. Reputation is important to community banks, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Keeping Money in the Community

Most importantly, your local community bank puts your money to work fueling small local businesses. As small businesses themselves, community banks recognize their key role in keeping their local economy strong. This is why, year after year, community banks are responsible for the lion’s share of small business loans and often serve as the only physical banking presence in one-third of counties in the United States.

Now that you understand the benefits and importance of community banking, the only question left is “how do I get started?” Luckily, New Tripoli Bank’s free checking account is a great way to take advantage of the convenience and simplicity of community banking, and you can set it up 100% online or at any of our three offices. No matter which way you come in the door, we’re happy to have you here!

I hope this article has been helpful at illustrating the positives of community banking and no matter where you choose to bank, just remember to keep it local.

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