• Rates tied to our CD rates
  • Minimum deposit of $500.00
  • Terms range from 91 days up to 60 months
  • Automatically renewable
  • Interest fixed for the term of the account
  • Interest compounded on a daily basis and credited to your account either monthly or annually and at maturity
  • Contributions and distributions may only be made upon the maturity of the CD to avoid bank penalty

Current Rates

Effective Date: Sunday, June 16, 2024

Current Rates
Interest RateAPY
91 days*
182 days*
12 months*
18 months*
24 months*
30 months*
36 months*
48 months*
60 months*

* Minimum deposit required to open the account is $500.

** Interest rate and APY may change daily after the account is opened. Minimum deposit of $250.00 required to open an account and obtain the APY. Term of account is 18 months.

*** Interest rate and APY may change daily after the account is opened.

Early withdrawal penalties apply. A withdrawal of interest may reduce earnings. Interest is compounded daily.

Rate Information:

Rate Information: Please review our current rate schedule for interest rates and annual percentage yields.

Compounding and Crediting of Interest: Frequency: Interest is compounded daily. At your discretion interest may be credited: (1) monthly or (2) annually and at maturity. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will receive the accrued interest.

Minimum Balance Requirements: To open an account and to obtain the annual percentage yield, you must deposit at least $500.

Balance Computation Method: We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

Accrual of Interest on Deposits: Interest begins to accrue on non-cash items (for example, checks) on the business day of deposit.

Withdrawal Limitations: Principal: We reserve the right to refuse or allow a withdrawal of principal prior to maturity. Interest: You may make withdrawals of interest without penalty on the crediting dates. Withdrawal of Interest Prior to Maturity: The annual percentage yield assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.

Time Requirements: You have a choice of various terms and maturity dates. Your account will mature in the length of time selected at account opening.

Deposit Limitations: You may not make any deposits into your account until maturity. Deposits may be made at maturity and during the 10 day grace period.

Early Withdrawal Penalty: Withdrawals may be subject to a penalty. A withdrawal of interest may reduce earnings. If your account has an original maturity of 12 months or less, the fee we may impose will equal 90 days of interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty; or if your account has an original maturity of 13 months or more, the fee we may impose will equal 180 days of interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty. In certain circumstances such as the death of an owner of this account, the law permits, or in some cases requires, the waiver of the early withdrawal penalty.

Renewal Policy: You may choose to automatically renew this account. If you automatically renew this account, each term will be the same as the original term, beginning on the maturity date. The interest rate will be the same we offer on new time deposits on the maturity date which have the same term, minimum balance and other features as the original time deposit. You may prevent renewal if you withdraw or transfer the funds at maturity or we receive written notice from you within 10 calendar days after maturity. We can prevent renewal if we mail notice to you at least 30 calendar days before maturity. If either we or you prevent renewal, interest will not accrue after maturity. You will have 10 calendar days after the maturity date to withdraw funds without penalty. All automatically renewable CDs renew under the terms of the applicable Deposit Account Agreement in effect on the renewal date.