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The Forts of the Blue Mountains

September 13, 2024

Albany Township Historical Society, 404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton, PA

The period of 1755-1758 was a violent time in colonial Pennsylvania. There was no standing army to protect early inhabitants from the threat of hostile Native Americans and foreign forces at war with the British colonies. When the Pennsylvania Regiment was formed in 1756, one of the first things they did was build a series of forts along the Blue Mountains. This program highlights those forts, their purposes and their value.

Speaker Intro: Lynn Otto is a historian with a passion for history and research focused on the mid-18th century in Pennsylvania. He is a frequent speaker about the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania, and commander of the recreated French and Indian War era 1st and 3rd Battalions of The Pennsylvania Regiment. Lynn serves as Treasurer of the Friends of Conrad Weiser Homestead, is chairperson of their Event Committee and is a regular volunteer.