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The Curious Legacy of the Pennsylvania Dutch

May 18, 2024

Albany Township Historical Society, 404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton, PA

The Pennsylvania Dutch have made a tremendous impact on our nation's development, and as recently as 1950, a half million individuals spoke or at least understood the Pennsylvania Dutch language. Despite this, many do not fully appreciate the curious and unique history of these people and their language. Join Bradley Smith for an entertaining discussion exploring the origins of the Pennsylvania Dutch and the importance of their legacy. Whether you are a "native Pennsylvania Dutchman," who grew up speaking the language, or a person who is completely new to our region, this program will have something for you!

Speaker Intro: Bradley Smith holds a Masters of History degree from Shippensburg State University and is the Assistant Director at the Berks History Center. A native of Lebanon County, he grew up in a PA Dutch family, hearing their language spoken everyday. He has been an adjunct professor of history at Alvernia University for nearly 20 years, and has been teaching PA Dutch classes since 2022.