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Mother's Day Do-Over

August 16, 2020

Emmaus, PA

We know her by a few monikers...Mom. Mother. Mama. But over the years she also has informally taken on other titles and thereby all the accompanying responsibilities like unpaid Uber driver, Executive Chef, family CFO, Head of Housekeeping, and more. She deserves recognition and yes, of course we know the country already has a Mother's Day!

We don't think mom was properly honored or celebrated May 10, 2020 due to COVID-19 mandates during Red Phase for non-essential businesses to be closed. We couldn't take her out to eat or grab drinks. We couldn't go shopping together at the Promenade Shops, Lehigh Valley Mall, or along our beloved main streets. We weren't able to get our nails done with her or hand-pick a bouquet from the local florist.

So, now that we're in the GREEN PHASE, let's have a Mother's Day Do-Over! On Sunday, celebrate mom with all the pomp and circumstance she deserves while supporting our local businesses and the economy as we try to rebuild and regain the momentum we had starting 2020.

Find the list of deals, specials, and sales to treat your mother to Mother's Day Do-Over on Sunday August 23, 2020 HERE -