Eligible Depositors: Individuals, businesses, corporations, commercial depositors, public funds and non-profit organizations.


  • Automated transfers between your primary checking an SWEEP account at end of day – eliminates need for manual transfers.
  • Assign primary checking target balance as ZERO and SWEEP account will receive the concentration of your pool of cash funds.
  • There is an unlimited number of transactions to support your cash flow needs.
  • ATM/debit card access and Internet banking is available for SWEEP accounts.
  • Insured by FDIC according to FDIC coverage guidelines.
  • Minimum balance must be maintained at $25,000.00 or there is a $25 fee.

For more information on SWEEP accounts, please contact Sundra Bachman at 610-421-4001.

Current Rates

Effective Date: Sunday, June 16, 2024

BalanceInterest RateAPY
Below $1,000.000.84642%0.85%
$1,000.00 to $24,999.990.84642%0.85%
$25,000.00 to $99,999.990.84642%0.85%
$100,000.00 to $499,999.990.94553%0.95%
$500,000.00 to $999,999.991.68575%1.70%
$1,000,000.00 and over1.78404%1.80%

Interest rate and APY may change daily after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings.

Rate Information: This is a non-interest bearing account.

Minimum Balance Requirements: There is no minimum deposit required to open an account and no minimum daily balance requirement.

No monthly service charge.

No per check fees.

Account Inactivity: An account is considered inactive/dormant if for 1 year there have been no transactions to the account. Account Inactivity Fee: $5.00 is charged per month if the balance is $100.00 or less.

Fees: Please refer to "View Fee Schedule" for additional information regarding applicable fees and charges.

Table - Fee Schedule (Rate Table)
Account Research$10.00/hour
Account Reconciliation Charge$10.00/hour (no charge in case of bank error)
ACH Return$30.00
ATM/Debit CardFree at New Tripoli Bank-owned ATM's (foreign surcharges reimbursed up to $7.00/month)
Called Bond$20.00
Cashier's CheckFree
Certified Check$10.00
Check Printing Charge

Free checks (certain restrictions on style and quantity)

Coin CountingFree for New Tripoli Bank customers
Copy of an Item$3.00
Lost or Replacement Debit/ATM Card$5.00
Money Order$2.50
Online Banking/Bill PayFree
Overdraft Protection TransactionFree
Overdraft/NSF Item (Paid or Returned)

$30.00 per presentment (This fee may be imposed for overdrafts by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions, preauthorized automatic debits, telephone transfers, online banking transactions or other electronic means)

Positive Pay$50.00 per account
Remote Deposit Capture$25.00/month
Return Item Charge$12.00
Safe Deposit BoxPrice varies based on size of box
Signature GuaranteeFree for New Tripoli Bank customers
Specialty Coin Services$15.00 per transaction
Stop Payment$25.00
Stop Payment Renewal$25.00
Telephone Banking (Dial-A-Bank)Free
Wire Transfer (domestic outgoing)$20.00
Wire Transfer (foreign outgoing)$40.00
Wire Transfer (incoming)$10.00