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Scam & Fraud Prevention Seminars

November 26, 2019


Seminar 1

Jack Dasilva, New Tripoli Bank Vice President and Security/BSA Officer, and Sundra Bachman, New Tripoli Bank Vice President and Senior Branch Manager at the Buckeye office, discuss security topics.

Over the past three months, New Tripoli Bank hosted a series of free seminars in order to educate Lehigh Valley residents about the startling rise in incidents of scam and fraud in our community and what people can do to protect themselves. We invited customers and community members to join us at the New Tripoli and Buckeye offices, where bank employees and guest speakers discussed a wide range of security topics including elder abuse, cybersecurity, scams, and fraud schemes. Over 300 people showed up to these seminars to learn how they could protect themselves from identity theft or financial injury and engage in dialogue with experts on these issues.

Seminar 2

Left to right: John Hayes, Executive VP & Chief Lending Officer, New Tripoli Bank; Dave Shallcross, Director, Senior Protection Unit, PA Attorney General's Office; Dave Hunsicker, Chairman, President & CEO, New Tripoli Bank; Jack Dasilva, Vice President, Security & BSA Officer, New Tripoli Bank

As a community bank, it is important that our customers trust us to keep their money and personal information safe. During these seminars, New Tripoli Bank employees including managers, tellers, and IT professionals discussed the signs of financial fraud and identity theft that our employees encounter on a regular basis and explained how our bank staff are trained to identify these scams, aiding customers who may unwittingly be in the midst of becoming a victim. In addition, we want to make it clear that, should anyone in our community—whether they are a customer or simply a concerned citizen—notice something suspicious or worry about protecting themselves, they should get in touch with our trained bank staff who are able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We also recorded the seminar held on September 25th at our Buckeye office and have uploaded these recordings to YouTube for anyone to view. If you are interested in protecting yourself from scams and fraud, you can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7Hu2eOxbWd9ln_8Ijvut0G42TWSLRRKI

Seminar 3Seminar 4Seminar 5
Left to right: Dave Shallcross from the PA Attorney General's Office discusses identity theft; Katrina Boyer from the PA Department of Banking & Securities discusses Cybersecurity; Jack Dasilva discusses identity theft and technology.

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