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New Tripoli Bank Unveils Welcome Video for Emmaus Borough

October 6, 2021


As a community bank, New Tripoli Bank understands the importance of leaving a good impression on new and potential residents. It is for that reason we were happy to appear in one of the videos for the Emmaus Borough's series of community videos to provide information about moving to Emmaus. It is our hope that a local community bank will appeal to residents and businesses considering moving to our community.

You can learn more about moving to Emmaus on their website.

JOHN HAYES: At New Tripoli Bank we've been an unwavering presence in the community for over 110 years. And we are a community bank that changes with the times but that doesn't mean we leave our values behind. It's our mission to ensure that your needs take precedence every time you step through our doors.

V.O.: New Tripoli Bank is a full-service bank where people and community are at the heart of everything we do. Whether you visit one of our offices, use our handy ATMs, or choose convenient online banking services, we're always looking out for your best interests. We offer you the ease of remote deposit capture and loan request decisions made locally by people who know you and know the area.

SAM WOOD: I've recommended New Tripoli Bank to multiple different businesses that I have dealings with. The reason I do is because of the ease of use. They're so customer friendly. They do whatever it takes to move your business forward. We've had nothing but great results. And the people that I've recommended to them have the same experience that we have.

V.O.: New Tripoli Bank; because people are more valuable than money. Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender.

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