Have questions regarding New Tripoli's online and mobile banking or FDIC Insurance? Check out some frequently asked questions!

ATM / Debit Cards

  1. Yes, there is a $500 daily ATM withdrawal limit. For point-of-sale transactions, there is a $1,500 daily limit for personal cards and $2,500 for business cards.

  2. Yes, there is a $300 daily ATM withdrawal limit.

  3. Yes, we reimburse our customers up to $7.00 per month per account and we never charge you additional fees for using another ATM machine!

  4. You can telephone 800-992-3808 or you can also change it directly through a New Tripoli Bank ATM.

  5. During business hours, contact the bank at 610-395-8834 or after hours call 833-337-6075. You can also deactivate your card through the online banking tool.

  6. First, you should contact the merchant to dispute the charge and ask for a credit. If they refuse to issue a credit, you can bring in our EFT Dispute Form to one of our branch offices. You may also fax this signed form to 610-395-9435 or email it to us at . Consumers have 60 days after the statement on which the transaction appeared to notify the bank per Regulation E.

  7. Up to 16 accounts can be connected to your card. However, only the primary account can be accessed at a non-New Tripoli Bank ATM location.

  8. You must be at least 16 years old to get a debit card. 16-year-olds require a parent's signature on both the account and the debit card application.