Meet Maverick

Your online banking experience is about to get even better with the next generation of digital banking tools. New Tripoli Bank's online banking will be switching from our current theme to the new Maverick theme that went live on June 1st, and we want to make sure you're ready for the change.

Updated Login Screen

As part of this update, we are revamping our online banking drop-down on our website. You will be able to log into online banking directly from our home page by putting your user ID and password into the fields.

We are also adding useful links to the drop-down to help you find information about online banking more easily, including supported web browsers, our online banking disclosures, and a FAQ of sign-in problems. We are also adding our online banking support number to this drop-down so it's easier for our customers to find.

Note to Our Customers

If you have previously bookmarked the URL for our online banking login, you will need to update your bookmark when the Maverick theme goes live.

If you already have our mobile app downloaded, your app will automatically update on June 1st when the change goes live. You will see the updated icon in your device's menu. You do not need to re-download the app in order to access mobile banking.

New Features

Account Overview

Larger font size and streamlined design for easy reading.

Customers can prioritize the order of their accounts.

One Click Away

New navigation bar appears at the bottom of every page, so your most commonly-accessed features are always within reach.

New Navigation

All of your features are just one click away.

Large text is easy to read and icons make navigation easier.

Profile Menu

Access and adjust personal and account settings.

One click brings you to our Contact Us page so you can easily reach the bank.

Additional Services

Additional services accessible from the profile menu.

Night Mode

Switch between day and night modes for easier viewing.

Why Are We Making A Change?

As banking technology improves, New Tripoli Bank wants to keep up with the times and ensure our customers enjoy the modern services and features of online banking. Maverick's modern, user-friendly interface was designed by the same industry experts behind the app design for Uber, Samsung and Capital One. The new theme will help New Tripoli Bank provide our account holders with the tools you need to save, spend, and send money so you can stay on top of finances.

Are Any Features Going Away?

Unfortunately, the new Maverick theme does not support our Manage My Money tool. New Tripoli Bank will continue to provide our customers with guidance and tips on how to effectively budget their finances through excellent customer service as well as videos and blog content.

When Will The Changes Go Live?

The Maverick theme is now live as of June 1st, 2022!