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Business Loan Application Checklist

When you are ready to apply for a business loan, we suggest you have the following information available to expedite the application process:

  • Last 3 years of business tax returns and accountant-prepared business financial statements.
  • Last 3 years of personal tax returns.
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Overview of financing needs
    • For real estate purchases, a copy of the agreement of sale.
    • For a refinance, information on the property, existing loans, etc.
    • For working capital, an aging of accounts receivables and payables.
    • For a business debt refinance, a schedule of existing debt - lender, original terms, rate, amount, and existing balance.
    • For purchases of an existing business, copies of that company's last 3 years of tax returns and accountant-prepared financial statements, and a narrative history and background of the business.
    • List of rental income and projected rents.
  • Business information
    • Corporations - Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, list of Officers
    • Partnership - Partnership Agreement and list of Partners
    • Limited Liability Company - Member's Agreement and list of Members
    • Sole Proprietorship - Trade or fictitious name registration