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Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Safety

  • Plan ahead to minimize your time at an ATM. Prepare as much of your transaction in advance as you can at your home or office. If making a deposit, fill out your deposit slip and endorse the checks "for deposit only" to your account.
  • Park as close as possible to the ATM and have your card out and ready to use immediately.
  • Avoid using ATMs that are not well lit, on street corners with easy approachability from cars, or near blind spots. Use ATMs that are close to the center of a building and clear from shrubbery.
  • Be aware of your surroundings as you leave the ATM. If you believe you are being followed, drive to the closest police or fire station if possible, or to a busy business and call the police.
  • When you approach an ATM location, look around and be alert to your surroundings, especially in areas unfamiliar to you. If you observe any suspicious person or unusual activity near the location at any time, do not use it and go somewhere else. At night, if the ATM location is not well lit, do not use it and go somewhere else.
  • Consider going to an ATM location with someone you know and trust. Do not accept assistance from anyone you do not know and trust when using an ATM.
  • Prevent others from seeing you enter your PIN when using an ATM. Consider using your body to shield the view of the keypad.
  • If you notice anything suspicious or any other problem arises after you begin your transaction, cancel the transaction. Recover the card you are using from the ATM and leave.
  • When your transaction is complete, recover your card, your receipt, and any cash you have requested from the ATM and promptly leave the area. Do not display money taken from the ATM. Put the money away and wait until you are in a safe place to verify it.
  • When using any drive-up facility, lock your car doors and roll up all the windows except the window you are using. If you keep your engine running, be sure your car is in "park" or "neutral" and the brake is set.
  • Do not let anyone else use your card. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone else, even if the person is offering assistance. Do not write your PIN on your card. If you lose your card or it is stolen or your PIN is lost or stolen, report the loss at once to New Tripoli Bank.