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Bank History

New Tripoli Bank is a locally owned and staffed community bank that exists to give outstanding customer service. We would like to give you a brief history of our bank.

On August 21, 1909, a group of prominent local residents met with John R. Baer, a National Bank organizer from Washington, DC, and took the action necessary to begin the formation of a bank.

The organizers were Phaon W. Bittner, Jordan; Nathan H. Snyder, New Tripoli; Meno Bachman, New Tripoli; James W. Loy, New Tripoli; W.H. Hoffman, New Tripoli; Dr. Samuel T. Zehner, Lynnport; Allen J. Kistler, Mosserville; B.F. Friebolin, Jordan Valley; Elmer Fisher, Switzer; James I. Sechler, Switzer; P.B. Oswald, New Tripoli; Dr C.D. Werley, Jordan; and Joshua M. Oldt, Stines Corner.

On October 9, 1909, the following directors were sworn into office: Phaon W. Bittner, Francis W. Harter, Dr C.D. Werley, Elmer J. Bachman, Meno O. Bachman, James W. Loy, Phaon B. Oswald, Nathan H. Snyder, Joshua N. Oldt, Gustavous E. Oswald, James O. Ebert, and Dr Samuel T. Zehner. It was also decided that day to change the name from Farmers National Bank of New Tripoli to The New Tripoli National Bank.

Elected officers were: Phaon W. Bittner, President; Dr C.D. Werley, Elmer J. Bachman, Francis W. Harter, Vice Presidents; James W. Loy, Secretary; Meno O. Bachman, Treasurer; and Charles F. Bretney, Cashier.

A building site was acquired in the village of New Tripoli, and a cement block building was erected and opened its doors for business on March 1, 1910. This building continues to be used as a museum of history for New Tripoli Bank.

In May 1968, another bank structure was built across the street from the original bank and still serves our customers to this day!  In 1986, New Tripoli Bancorp, Inc. was formed and continues as the parent corporation of New Tripoli Bank. A new branch bank on Claussville Road in Orefield opened in November 1999. The bank will be building a new branch on Buckeye Road in the Emmaus/Macungie market in 2018. We look forward to welcoming many new customers as we continue to flourish.

Thanks to the dynamic leadership of a dedicated Board, officers, and employees and the support of loyal shareholders and customers, New Tripoli Bank continues to grow and expand its services in the communities from which it derives its growth.